Mastering Camera In Digital Photography Course


If you have a passion for photography and you want to improve your skills, this is the right course for you. You will learn how to make your photos look wonderful, and maybe even explore the option to become a professional photographer.

The Mastering Digital Photography Course comprises of three levels, the Mastering Camera in Digital Photography, Mastering light and Mastering the art of photography. At Mastering Camera in Digital Photography, we will focus on the fundamentals of digital photography and in particular the camera and lenses.

You will learn:

  • how to use your equipment efficiently, and systematically
  • how the light affects your images
  • how to improve your artistic skills to make more creative and daring

choices when taking photographs.

We combine theory and practice in the most structured and efficient way. We provide appropriate subjects – when needed even a professional photomodel – so you can practice all the techniques and methods you studied. Our highly qualified and experienced mentors will provide guidance and feedback.

As a part of all the Mastering Digital Photography courses, we shall spend time on post-processing, which is a critical part of digital photography.

In order to give you the opportunity to practice and facilitate your learning, we will give you assignments to work on, at your own pace. Each
assignment will be reviewed carefully during the course, and you will be offered the necessary feedback to enrich your skills.

A selection of the best photos taken by our students during the course will get published on our website, so you can proudly share them with friends and family.

The number of students in each group is limited to 12 so that each student gets adequate supervision and feedback.


Previous experience: No previous experience with photography is required.

Camera: Any DSLR or Mirrorless camera (with A or Av, S or Tv and M shooting modes) would be sufcient for this course.

Laptop with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: This is not mandatory. But we will spend some times on Photo editing in Lightroom (only a part of one evening). Hence, having a laptop with this program installed on it would be an advantage

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Outline of the course

  • A brief history of photography
  • Exposure and the Exposure Triangle – controlling exposure in different shooting modes
  • Shooting stationary subjects in aperture priority mode
  • The role of ISO in aperture priority mode
  • The concept of Depth of Field
  • Amending the exposure in aperture priority mode
  • Shooting moving subjects in shutter priority mode
  • The role of ISO in shutter priority mode
  • Changing the exposure in shutter priority mode
  • Manual mode, how it works and when to use it
  • A brief overview of other shooting modes (P, Scene and Auto)
  • ISO
  • Focusing Modes
  • Making a sharp image
  • Light in your photography, all you need to know
  • How the camera measures light and light metering modes
  • Dealing with high dynamic range
  • White Balance and colour temperature
  • JPEG vs Raw
  • A brief introduction to photo editing in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • An overview of the necessary equipment: camera, lenses, and tripod
  • What makes a good photograph
  • Composition rules
  • Tips for landscape, night, and portrait photography
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • Reviewing your photos and giving you feedback
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Duration of Course8 Lessens8 weeks
Time19:30 to 22:0019:30 to 22:00
TutionThis course costs 299 Euro Coffee /Tea/Water, pen and paper / and subjects for photography will be prepared by Triangle Photo Academy.This course costs 299 Euro Coffee /Tea/Water, pen and paper / and subjects for photography will be prepared by Triangle Photo Academy.
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Additional information

Course Location

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Hague, The Netherlands

Course Date

7 January 2020, 16 January 2020, 3 March 2020, 12 March 2020, 5 May 2020, 7 May 2020

Course Timing

19:30 to 22:00